The International Centre of Biodynamics (ICB) conducts multidisciplinary experimental and theoretical research in the fields of biosensors, bioassays, development of instrumentation, and noninvasive methods for characterizing the state and dynamics of cellular systems.

Activity highlights

  • More than 30 articles published in international refereed Journals during the last 5 years.
  • Over 50 oral presentations delivered at top international meetings.
  • Participation as Expert evaluator of the proposed European Commission projects in the field of "New technologies to monitor Biotechnological Processes"
  • Active involvement in development of short/long term national strategies in the field of Biotechnology and Biology.
  • The devices and methods developed within the Centre have attracted international experts in the field of bio-impedance and membrane-based biosensor technologies. The Centre already hosted 8 senior visiting scientists from Australia, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece and the US.
  • We have an ongoing collaboration with the UNESCO Centre of Membrane Science and Technology at the University of New South Wales, Australia, which resulted in several Ph. D. projects and the development of the International program: "Master & Ph. D. in Biodynamics", at the University of Bucharest.
  • ICB received The Romanian Academy award for physics "Stefan Procopiu" (1995) and Second Award of the "Single Cell Research Foundation", Leiden, Belgium (2000)
  • Grants: ICTP Trieste Italy; Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany; JSPS, Japan; EMBO; FEBS; Office of Naval Research, USA; Karolinska Institute, Sweden; COBASE, USA; World Bank.
  • ICB has projects included in Bilateral Agreements between Romania, Spain, Germany, and Flanders.
  • ICB is coordinator/contractor for several joint international proposals within the 5th and 6th Frame Programs of the European Commission. 
  • Organizer of the International Workshop "Biodynamics and Membranes", Bucharest, Romania (1998), during which a network of scientific cooperation comprising 14 research institutions and Universities in the Central and Eastern European Region was established. The event was supported by UNESCO.
  • Organizer of the European Workshop "Impedance Spectroscopy and related applications in Biotechnology and Medicine", Engelberg, Switzerland (May 1997).
  • Organizer of the International Workshop "Applications of Impedance Spectroscopy in Biotechnology and related fields" Bucharest (1995) with participants from France, Germany, Ireland, Japan and United Kingdom.
  • ICB is actively involved in joint initiatives to strengthen the links between scientists and decision makers (politics, the economy, the media, and the society)

International Centre of Biodynamics
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